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10 Noteworthy Celebrity Hair Changes from 2016

While people the world over look back at the year that was for maybe more personal reasons, our end of year introspection is decidedly focused on celebrity hair trends – as it should be. With 2016 coming to an end, we’re looking back at 10 of our favourite celebrity hair changes from the past almost 12 months. In a year of multiple trends, experimental colours and drastic cuts, inspiration for your clients abounds. Which of these looks do you love?

1. Hilary Duff

She experimented with bold colours (mermaid aquamarine was a particular favourite) and chopped her hair into a bob last year – and the combination of those two endeavours with this dusty pink bob at the beginning of 2016 became an instant annual highlight.


2. Lily Collins

Mid-year, Lily Collins personified the concept of bold and wearable hair with this deep red hue, ideal for your brunette clients wanting to make a change.


3. Zoë Kravitz

Call Zoë Kravitz the Kim K of 2016, in that she took her famous dreads from black to platinum blonde – only for the very brave.


4. Taylor Hill

Victoria’s Secret Model Taylor Hill chopped off all her locks and proved the pixie cut is still very trendy. Clients looking for a drastic New Year’s change should keep this in mind.


5. Ruby Rose

Leave it to Ruby Rose to start the year off with an adventurous energy, when she coloured her hair emerald green in February.


6. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner was the voice of consistent hair change this year (guiding your Gen Z clients in a promising move for your salon’s bottom line), so it’s hard to pick a favourite vibrant look. This multi-hued style for Coachella stands out.


7. Kylie Jenner again

And because it’s so hard to choose just one Kylie look for the year – we’re also partial to this trend-setting navy blue hair look, otherwise known as the widely ignited denim hair trend.


8. Orlando Bloom

Hair changes aren’t just for the girls – men’s beauty continues to boom and Orlando Bloom personified that by turning his famously brunette locks blonde.


9. Ke$ha

The granny hair trend lives on through 2016 – as proven by Ke$ha and her daring turn to silver hair in June.


10. Christina Aguilera 

Christina’s revolving door of hair looks was a highlight of her 2016 tenure as judge on The Voice. Highlights included the debut of the ‘pierced hair trend’ and lavender locks (which you can see here), while her turn to a bright red was a well-suited look for the singer.


What celebrity looks do you predict for 2017?

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