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10 Super Powers Every Hairdresser Has

We all know hairdressers are low-key everyday superheroes – what with the ability to make people feel better about themselves, transform awful at-home mistakes into works of art and disguise a hangover so much better than Clark Kent conceals his secret identity (it’s just glasses, how has no one figured this out?!).

The capacity to super-cut, super-colour and super-style is commendable, but beyond that there are the hairdressing powers that often go unnoticed. Well we notice – and here are our top 10.

1. A super human ability to stand… all day


Much like this cat, but somehow more impressive. Sure, the Flash can run fast, but standing for 9 hours non-stop is so much more difficult.

2. Super-creativitygiphy (1)

Once again – this cat GIF = you.

3. The underrated super skills of organisation 

giphy (7)

Most people are able to choose between being arty or business-orientated in their professions, but in a career that’s as much about bookings, retail and customer service as it is about creativity, you’re stuck with both.

4. Super social media talents

giphy (6)

Your Instagram prowess makes every one of your clients feel just like Miranda – tell us that’s not a super power!

5. The power to speak without stopping

disney talking aladdin dummy

Other heroes can breathe under water, you can talk without coming up for air. Other heroes have abilities of omnificence (the unlimited power of creation), but you can create conversation out of thin air.

6. The power to soldier through your appointments, even when you really don’t feel like it

giphy (5)

Concealing super hero identities is nothing compared to concealing your almighty hangover.

7. Super human hearing

Super Hearing 02

Talking to your clients over that salon noise is a feat. Enjoy it now before the constant sounds of the blow dryer destroy it for good.

8. Super human compassion

giphy (3)

That innate empathy reserved just for psychologists and stylists.

9. And a super poker face


For not laughing at some of your clients’ more ridiculous or inappropriate stories… you deserve a medal.

10. Lastly, super human patience        ce63b3b69746dde0b0cf6ad6c1c798bf

Necessary for some of your clients’ more absurd requests, and you’ve mastered it perfectly – most of the time.

What super powers do you practice in the salon?

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