Free time in the salon is a rarity, and after hours and hours on the salon floor, it’s sometimes mere minutes of break time that allow the hairdresser some necessary reprieve. What a sensational few minutes they usually are though, where hairdressers have around 300 seconds to eat, drink, check their notifications and feel even somewhat human again. Yes, they’re the smallest part of your day, but they’re also the most pivotal part (and let’s be honest, your favourite) – today we’re focusing on the way you occupy your time in those essential breaks.

1. Sit down

Simply sitting is underrated, and after hours on your feet catering to clients, this may be the highlight your day.

2. Drink coffee

Lot’s of it – otherwise known as your best method of salon survival.

3. Wash your hands

Much like this puppy (but way less adorable), breaks are a time where you can finally spend time washing (read: scrubbing) the colour off your hands to maybe not feel like you’re in the middle of a crime scene.

4. Check your phone

With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and other messenger apps, just a couple of hours off screen on the floor and away from your phone means a total notification overload when you get back to reality.

5. Eat

This isn’t the time for a classy meal – mealtimes at the salon often mean inhaling whatever snacks you have (hello, Tic Tacs at the bottom of your bag) in record time. Beyond doing hair, with all the practice, you number one skill may just be ingesting food at impressive speeds.

6. Check your appointments

Being in the salon, just because you’re on break doesn’t mean you’re not always working.

7. Ignore everyone

Clients, colleagues, friends, family – break time is sacred, devoting it to some much-needed ‘me-time’ is totally OK, and expected.

8. And embrace the silence

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of no blow-dryers, no conversations and absolutely no noise. Bliss.

9. Experience outside

Sunlight, wind, rain, fresh air – all elements that evade you for most of the day in the salon.

10. And finally… actually breathe

Who cares how much longer you have until you have to go back inside – for these couple of moments, it’s all about catching your breath.

How do you spend your salon break?