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10 Things Every Salon Worker Experiences At The Reception Desk

The salon reception desk – often a focal point of the salon, it’s welcoming agent, sometimes described as it’s heart and soul. And, yes, also, often the location of your own personal salon hell.

Whether your salon mans the desk in some sort of rotation fashion or as necessary in between your clients, or you just are the salon receptionist (or have filled in while they’re away), you’ve probably  journeyed behind the desk at least sometimes in your salon tenure. These would have been the experiences and grievances that awaited you – let’s relive those memories together.

1. Clients running late… and lying about just how late…

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes,” they say, 30 minutes out from the salon, ruining all your scheduling calculations in the process.

2. Or committing the worst crime of all… cancelling last minute.

It will fall to you to re-book them in at their absolute convenience, of course.

3. And with so many changes, juggling the salon schedule can feel a little overwhelming. 

Image result for overwhelming gif

Guaranteed  headache.

4. As the first thing clients see when they enter the salon, your smile has to be constantly on point.

No matter how hard your day has been.

5. Entertaining/placating waiting clients is a chore.

6. And running after clients’ kids is a task seemingly outside of your job description that you tend to do a lot of.

Image result for kids causing chaos gif toy story

7. You’re bound to get a lot of inane questions that probably don’t make any sense.

“How much is a cut?” and “how much is a colour?” in their most general, broadest terms are some of our favourites.

8. And you’ll spend a lot of time helping clients who are browsing the retail shelf, only for them to walk away without purchasing anything.

9. If there’s any complaint, you know it’s probably going to be directed at you.

Yes, we know it’s not your fault, but sometimes life in the salon just isn’t fair.

10. And any time you’re actually getting things done, the phone will ring, 100 per cent.

In fact the incessant ringing never stops.

What experiences have you had behind the salon reception desk?

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