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10 Things Hairdressers Will Experience This Easter Long Weekend

It’s almost Easter, which, for most people, means a four day weekend we all desperately need and for hairdressers can mean… a variety of things. Across the country. salon workers will either have the time off (win!), work with some appealing public holiday level pay (also win) or bank a day off in the future. Whichever category you fall into, we think we’ve taken the temperature on your mood over the next few days.

How will you be spending the Easter long weekend?

1. Working on a Saturday is bad enough as it is, and it’s even harder over a long weekend.

2. And yes, you’ll definitely take out those frustrations on the people around you if you have to be in the salon.

3. At least you’re likely to gain some sweet, sweet overtime for your troubles.

4. Or bank a future day off that you’ll proceed to spend this entire weekend dreaming about.

5. Those lucky enough to win some days off may discover what an actual, traditional weekend looks like.

6. That means typical Saturday sleep-ins you’re never usually allowed…

7. Relaxation with the rest of your 9-5 friends and family…

8. And being able to go out on a Friday night without paying for it the next day with a terrible salon hangover.

9. Your (favourite) clients may show up to the salon with gifts and treats, so work life is that much sweeter.

10. And the salon has a festive energy both during and around the long weekend.     Whatever you’re doing this Easter, enjoy it! Happy holidays!

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