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10 Things Hairdressers Will Never Tell Their Clients

When you work in customer service, and salons in particular, you spend a lot of time holding your tongue. You’d love to unleash your inner snarkiness, but even in the face of your client’s sometimes impossible expectations (and, let’s be honest, your own excruciating hangover) there are just some things you’re never allowed to say.

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However, we’re among stylists here, so we can be a little more candid. These are the 10 things you wouldn’t say to your clients (but really, really want to). Admit it.

1. Just why your prices are a little higher than they might like (and why it’s so totally worth it).


It’s just basic style math.

2. How many clients you had to rearrange to fit them in.


And how much you’d love them to call a little earlier next time.

3. You’d like to tell them to be a little less fickle.

Changing their mind every five seconds is annoying before you’ve cut their hair – after you’ve cut it? It’s a disaster.

4. That you’re cutting/colouring their hair on not nearly enough sleep.

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You may have even taken a five minute power nap on your last break.

5. Or that you’ve trudged in to work with the world’s worst cold.

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Not even contagious germs will keep you from the salon.

6. Or that you’re powering through their session with an ungodly hang over.


We’ve all been there.

7. That just because they imitate a celebrity’s style, doesn’t mean they’ll transform completely.


They’re welcome to keep trying though.

8. And really, your powers are somewhat limited.


You’re good but you’re not that good.

9. Sometimes you do tell them things but it just continues to fall on deaf ears.


You’ve now learnt to save your breath.

10. And sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it.

554f77af6d8923d5bb12828c44ab15c7What you wouldn’t give to be sarcastic in the salon.

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