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8 Retorts Hairdressers Can Never Say To Clients

Oh, to read your thoughts. There’s a fair few things hairdressers must think when it comes to certain (and only certain) clients, but can’t actually verbalise due to pesky things like customer service and basic manners.

So we’ll let you air your grievances here, and say the comebacks you’re all thinking – entirely in meme form (is there any better way?). The next time your clients come late, destroy their own hair or bombard you with ridiculous requests, close your eyes, think of these images and find inner peace.

1. To the client that’s perpetually late – with no real excuse.


2. To the client who all too often plays hairdresser at home.


3. Or worse, plays colourist.


This image says more than real words ever could.

4. To the client who cannot put down the phone – and doesn’t see how this would inconvenience you.


5. To the client who’s never really satisfied (and doesn’t see their own patterns).


You wish you could hold up a mirror to their own dissatisfaction.

6. To the client who doesn’t realise how insane their requests are.


I think you just answered your own question.

7. To the client who doesn’t understand how pricing works.


8. And the clients/friends who try to take advantage of your good nature.


Actually, that sounds like exactly what you should say (requisite sarcasm included).

We know what’s going on inside your head!

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