“Well it’s safe to say she’s never had a thin hair day,” my Editor quipped as we surveyed an array of Lorde’s greatest hair looks.

That’s putting it lightly. The young New Zealand singer (given name Ella Yelich-O’Connor, not Lorde, if you didn’t already know), gives new meaning to the term ‘thick hair’. Usually seen wearing her trademark curls, Lorde recently stepped out at the CDFA/Vogue Fashion Fund gala with a surprising straight hair look that caused quite a stir.

With that famous texture and purple lips so trademark they inspired their own M.A.C makeup line, Lorde’s hair and beauty look is iconic. To celebrate her new penchant for straight hair and her 19th birthday this week, we look back through 10 looks that prove just why Lorde is the proprietor of big hair.

1. That iconic texture is why Lorde is probably your thick hair clients’ hair idol.

Lorde by Thomas Whiteside for Elle Magazine, US,October 2014-05

2. With a little bit of product, Lorde’s curls become a bit sleeker and more controlled for an entirely different look.


3. Lorde’s natural hair takes up 90 per cent of the page when she fronts Elle magazine – and with this next-level texture, we wouldn’t have it any other way.


4. Lorde’s impressive textured crown braid for the Tennis Court video has been replicated repeatedly online. Have you used it for inspiration in salon?


5. With a dedicated straightener, stylist and, we presume, a considerable amount of time, Lorde can seriously pull off straight hair. Be armed with this image the next time your thicker hair clients claim they wouldn’t win the battle with a straightener.


6. We don’t know why there’s a dog in this shot, but between the loveable pooch and these effortless big curls, we think it’s a winner.


7. Lorde almost entirely conceals her big hair with this chic hat (an impressive feat), but the pulled out sides around her face provide the perfect finish.


8. Plum lips, inexplicable black feathers and this slicked back hair look prove Lorde has mastered the taming of her tresses.


9. Asymmetry and hidden braids can be so much more fun with more hair to work with.


10. The previously-stated stir-causing shorter, straighter hair look at the CDFA/Vogue Fashion Fund gala – a more understated but very stylish look to mark her 19th year.


Which is your favourite textured hair look for Lorde?