Beauty-watchers went into overdrive this weekend when supermodel Cara Delevigne traded her usually natural tresses for a fairy-floss hue of pink. Whether it’s a wig or a real transformation remains to be seen, but it follows a trend, both long-standing and recent, of A-listers opting for the vibrant tone.

We’re throwing it back to 10 of our favourite pink-haired stars – ensuring that pretty in pink hair will never go out of style. Thanks, ladies!

1. Cara Delevigne


The latest addition to the pink-hair club, what festival experience is complete without sunnies and new bubblegum tresses?

2. Georgia May Jagger


Another new recruit, the British model debuted this pink-heavy rainbow hair look on Instagram this week.

3. Julianne Hough


The actress once again confirmed that pink is a staple of 2015 hair, going pink in April of this year before heading back to her usual blonde.

4. Hilary Duff


Developing a penchant for colour this year, Hilary went from her natural locks to sea foam green, to this bright pink tone in the blink of an eye.

5. Nicole Richie


Known for her bold colour choices, Nicole opted for at the beginning of 2015 and has since worn it with this chic bob and her now famous pink pixie-cut.

6. Katy Perry


Another colour-obsessed celeb, Katy’s playful pink locks add a new twist to her ever-changing retro-styles.

7. Helen Mirren


Proving just how classy pink can be, the iconic English actress opted for a temporary pink look, showing clients that colour has no number.

8. Demi Lovato


This rich magenta-pink hue, which Demi rocked in 2014, teaches your clients how to commit to the colour entirely.

9. Avril Lavigne


In what is now a famous look for the singer, Avril ensured pink streaks and pop rock circa 2007 will always be synonymous.

And of course…

10. Pink


Pink’s hair colour choice was so crucial to her persona it became her stage name. Even though her pink locks are long gone, her moniker remains and her pink crop will always a pop cultural icon of the naughties.