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10 Types of Clients That Come Into Your Salon

Being in the salon, you come across so many colourful characters, and they all tend to fit into one of many broad categories, whether it’s based on their indecisiveness, general lateness and much more. When faced with a client who wants the latest Instagram trend or “just a trim”, you know we’ve seen it all before.

We’ve made a list of some of our favourite client types – how many walk into your salon?

1. The Late Comer

Tell them their appointment is 20 minutes earlier than it actually is.

2. The No-Show

This is somehow worse – where are they?!

3. The Shopper

Our retail heroes – we love these clients.

4. The Instagrammer

Forever showing you the latest trends on their news feed to replicate.

5. The Conservative Clients

“Just a trim” – enough said.

6. The Parent

Turning you from hairdresser to hairdresser/babysitter.

7. The Talker

You know everything about them, more than you know about your actual loved ones probably.

8. The Bold Client

The latest rainbow hair trend or major cut? They’re in.

9. The Indecisive Client

If they say “I don’t know” one more time…

10. The Picky Client

…but whatever you/they choose, they still don’t like it?!

What kind of clients do you get in salon?

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