Being a hairdresser means you’re in a profession that’s about so much more than money, because while the financial element is nice, it’s the compliments you receive by way of re-bookings, referrals, social media mentions and your clients’ clear satisfaction that turn it from a job into a true passion.

We’re highlighting the small, every-day triumphs hairdressers may sometimes take for granted. How many of these salon victories did you experience today?

1. Referrals

Is there any bigger compliment than when your happy clients recommend you to someone else? Referrals are not just an unspoken pat on the back, they’re one of the best ways to grow your business.

2. Re-booking

Re-booking and pre-booking means your clients care enough to keep coming back, and are invested enough in your work or salon to organise it well in advance – the sentiment goes a long way.

3. Regular bookings

Who doesn’t love a client that will reliably be at your salon every 4, 6 or 8 weeks? The more often, the better!

4. The social media accolades

Whether you’re tagged on Facebook, mentioned on Instagram or left with a great review somewhere else on the Internet, if your clients are speaking positively about you online, or including you in their cherished social media presence, you know how they really feel.

5. Compliments from your fellow staff members

These are the remarks that mean the most, because they come from the people you most respect – your colleagues! A kind comment when your co-worker is doing some great work can change their day.

6. Juggling so many clients at once

Sometimes you have about 10 appointments on the go and when you somehow master them all, you know you’re kicking major goals.

7. Especially when you’re under the weather

Whether it’s rain, hail, shine, sickness, health, hangover or just pure exhaustion, doing your best work while not feeling your best brings out the true professional in every hairdresser.

8. When a client takes your suggestion

Buying and using certain retail products, trying out a new technique you taught them or changing their long-held hair routine, when a client is willing to listen to your advice, it means that they trust and respect you.

9. Knowing your client relies on you

Knowing you are the only hairdresser your client will consider is a certain way to make you feel loved. Seeing the proof when you take a well-deserved holiday and your client waits and suffers through bad hair without you, is next-level hairdressing success.

10. Your clients’ satisfaction

Your clients’ happiness is ultimately what’s most important, and seeing their contentment post-appointment is what it’s all about.