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11 Entries Into The Blonde Hall of Fame

It’s summer, which means you’re probably up to your elbows in blonde colour as you read this.

And although you may never want to look at another blonde head of hair again, we thought we could remind you what you’re working towards. It’s no wonder your clients are searching to go lighter – blonde jokes aside, the tone has been associated with bombshells, sex symbols and beach babes for generations.

These blonde icons are what your clients are aspiring to look like this summer – keep them in mind as you transform your clients.

1. Jean Harlow


Jean Harlow’s sex symbol status in the 1930s was definitely aided by her blonde hair. After starring in the 1931 film Platinum Blonde the term ‘blonde bombshell’ was created for her, and many women started hitting the bottle in an effort to replicate the look.

2. Marilyn Monroe


A legend in so many ways, Marilyn is definitely an icon of blonde – despite being a natural brunette. While Norma Jean had dark hair, Marilyn transformed both her name and her tresses, catapulting her rise to stardom and earning her place in our Hall of Fame.

3. Grace Kelly


While many stars use blonde to flaunt sex appeal, Grace Kelly used it to show elegance, with the movie star/princess of Monaco’s (how good is that title?) short blonde look enduring as a symbol of quintessential Old Hollywood glamour.

4. Brigitte Bardot


If ‘blonde bombshell’ was a term coined for Jean Harlow, Brigitte Bardot certainly carried on its legacy. The French supermodel’s hair is still renowned for its impressive volume and bombshell blonde tone that made her one of the biggest sex symbols of the 60s.

5. Farrah Fawcett


Farrah’s feathered locks defined hair of the small screen in the 1970s, but the her blonde tone was similarly iconic. She had the privilege of being the one blonde Charlie’s Angel, an honour later bestowed upon Cameron Diaz.

6. Olivia Newton-John


Grease was set in the 50s and released in the 70’s, but Olivia’s blonde curls transcended the decades, lovely on Sandra D, but truly iconic when Sandy embraced her rebellious side at the end of the film. Message of the movie: change for a man, also, blondes always win.

7. Madonna

Madonna publicity still from Truth or Dare, 1991"

Madonna embarked on an entire tour titled ‘Blond Ambition’ (we still don’t know if she just forgot the ‘e’) and made blonde her go-to colour throughout the 80s, ensuring it stayed a staple of the times. Kim Kardashian even cited her as an aesthetic reference in going platinum, but more on this later.

8. Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson is the definition of blonde beach babe. You can thank the five years she spent running in slow motion across the beach in Baywatch through the 90s for your summer influx of aspiring blonde clients.

9. Gwen Stefani


Another star who has truly owned her blonde status, despite not being a natural blonde (this is what your clients are trying to achieve!), Gwen’s personal style, unique fashion choices and iconic hair make her a blonde figurehead.

10. Blake Lively


Despite turning to, and creating the term for, bronde last year, Blake remains one of the most recognisable blondes of the 21st century.

11. Kim Kardashian     kim-kardashian-dyed-her-hair-platinum-blonde-and-people-are-freaking-out

Yes, she was blonde for no more than a hot minute, but Kim’s momentary turn to platinum was one of the major hair moments of 2015, ensuring blonde has stayed and will stay more relevant than ever.

Now it’s up to you to turn your next client into Marilyn Monroe.

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