Those crazy people who become colourists are usually a little left of centre (only in a good way, of course) – feeding off Instagram trends, living for brand new hues and hardly ever keeping their hair the same colour long enough for anyone to get used to it.

It takes a special person to live their life at its most vivid and make their own career through art, so we’re singling out colourists and the experiences they go through on a daily basis.

Which experiences can you relate to?

1. Getting your hands on some brand new colours like you’re a kid in a candy store.

giphy (4)

Your next client is getting the neon treatment whether they asked for it or not.

2. Finding a client who asks for the exact Instagram colour trend you’ve been eyeing for weeks.


3. Or never finding that client so creating the trend on your own head of hair instead.

giphy (1)

It’s really their loss.

4. In fact you never stick with one colour look for very long.


The more colours the merrier, right?

5. Mixing up the colours and feeling like an actual mad scientist.

giphy (3)

Where’s your lab coat?

6. And feeling like freaking Picasso when you work your art magic.


Especially with a brush in your hand.

7. Becoming a work of art in yourself when paint inevitably stains your hands.


Except you usually look more like a Smurf or axe-murderer than this cool hand-art bald eagle.

8. In fact, nothing is safe from colour ruination when you’re fully immersed in the world of colour.


This is an artist’s interpretation of the last time colour ruined your favourite black jumper.

9. Thanking every deity in the book for gray hair.

giphy (5)

It’s really keeping you in business.

10. Holding in your internal screams when a client asks for impossible colour in impossibly short amounts of time.

giphy (2)

“No, I can’t take you from black to platinum in the next 45 minutes.”

11. But really it’s all worth it for the wins… like pulling out the exact right amount of foils you need on the first try.

giphy (6) Living in your own colour oasis, you really can’t complain.