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11 Instances That Remind You You’re a Hairdresser (Daily)

Aside from actually spending most of your time in the salon and cutting hair (let’s be honest), even away from the salon/floor/chair you can’t really escape your life as a hairdresser.

Just as you’re about to relax, fall asleep, zone out and/or forget the realities of the salon, something will inevitably come along and bring you right back. Be it an ordinate amount of hair in everything, an unfair amount of colour on everything you own or those recurring salon nightmares you should probably get checked out. The salon follows you at all times, even when you leave it.

For example, these 11 instances a day are sure to remind you that you’re a hairdresser.

1. When you open your wardrobe.

black clothes

And have no vibrant options to speak of.

2. Or worse, when you innocently open the boot of your car.


That will never not be scary.

3. Truthfully, no room is off limits.


Great way to freak out your friends though.

4. When there’s a disproportionate amount of hair in your food.


It’s cool, just eat around it.

5. Not to mention a disproportionate amount of hair in your underwear.


Just a note, the proportionate amount of hair in your underwear, should be zero.

6. Whenever you look down at your hands – and there’s colour there.


7. Or worse – when you look down at your favourite outfit – and there’s colour there.

giphy (2)


8. When you sit down at the end of a long day.

giphy (3)

And realise it’s the first time you’ve sat down in about ten hours.

9. Or when someone tries to talk to you after your shift and your response is something like this.

giphy (1)

There’s only so much conversation you can take!

10. Pretty much every time you breathe in and the sweet smell of hairspray fills your nostrils.


The scent practically follows you around at this point.

11. And last – even when you sleep.


Face it. You can’t escape it.

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