It goes without saying that social media is far more than just a social tool, and is now not only a viable marketing strategy, but a necessary one. So how can your salon best utilise the social media tools at your disposal, turning likes, shares and follows into profit?

1. Treat Facebook as a mini website

Your Facebook should contain all the info your website would, using the various tabs to include details of your locations, services, photos and reviews. Don’t rely on your client to click on the site itself – hand them your information on a silver platter.

INSTYLE on Facebook:

2. A picture paints a thousand words

Social media is becoming an increasingly visual beast, as character counts go down and the want for imagery soars – so it’s fortunate that we work in a highly visual industry. Post photos of your work to the multitude of visually based social media channels, from Instagram, to Pinterest and Facebook. Studies have found that picture posts are engaged with 120% more than text – what better way to show what you can do?

3. Start a conversation

Write posts that are relevant and are personalised to your clientele. Ask questions and engage with your clients, serving the dual purpose of offering your clients an outlet for their opinion and raising traffic to your social media sites.

4. Employ the power of hashtags

Hashtags can be a great way to draw people to your salon. Use trending hashtags when possible and relate it back to your salon (for example, if a certain celebrity, holiday or event is trending, a style inspired by that person or event would be a great way to boost engagement). You can also hashtag your salon location so that anyone looking for a salon in your area may be able to easily find you.

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5. Exclusive deals

You can offer your clients product or service incentives for liking, sharing or posting to your social media. Examples include offering Facebook followers who share a particular post a free gift with their next purchase, giving clients who upload a look of their new cut with a given hashtag a small discount, or adding a free service for those who check in to your salon.

6. Competitions

Offer gift cards, retail packages or other services in competition with the criteria of liking, sharing or commenting on your posts and pages. The best part of this is the ability to set the perimeters of your contest or giveaway to your salon’s need. You can offer your audience the products, services or financial incentives that you know your salon can expend and use it to increase facets of your social media channels that may be lacking.

7. Be creative

Post unique, fun content that your clients will enjoy. Find creative gems, interesting articles or that perfect inspirational quote your client may need to get through their Monday to ensure your channels are a must-click for your clients.

8. Know your brand

Much like a website, your social media channels should reflect your salon brand in tone, image and overall personality. Utilise social media as a snapshot of your business so that your followers are given a real sense of your salon.

9. Cross-promote your channels

Is your Facebook page flourishing far more than your twitter? Are your Instagram photos faring far better than your Pinterest? Take the opportunity to promote your other channels to the captive audiences you have in the channels that are doing best.

10. Keep clients up to date

Social media can be used as free advertising – a great way to keep your clients up to date on all your salon’s latest news, promotions and goings-on without them having to actually come into the salon. Provide a consistent stream of what’s new in your salon – and just why your clients should be booking an appointment now.

11. Create contacts
The social media sphere is a network for your salon as well as your clients. Business orientated social media channels such as Linkedin allow you to build contacts, network within the industry and work on the business side of your salon.

Social media provides an opportunity to consistently engage with, promote to and reel in your clients – and its power should be taken advantage of! Gone are the days of a stylist-client relationship that’s confined to appointments, the relationship is now in constant motion online, leaving more time than ever to make an impression. Make sure that you do.