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12 Braided Styles To Wow Your Clients

There’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to braids. Hidden braids, double braids, patterned braids and all their other incarnations bare an infinite realm of options to wow your clients. As we head into the wedding, formal and summer season, these 12 styles may serve as the perfect muse.

1. Off side


This trendy side braid is part pretty feminine and part street cool. The layers around the crown are sure to impress.

2. Crowning glory


Hair by Guido Palau

This crown braid provides an intricate up style with an editorial twist, showing off natural beauty and highlighting the facial features.

3. Beach babe


This casual braid has ‘salon favourite’ written all over it. The multi-toned blondes in this look are the icing on the cake.

4. Reading rainbow


Hair by Hair Romance from

The multitude of layers and sections in braids allow you to have a lot of fun with colour. Just see how this sweeping side braid helps these vibrant hues come to life.

5. Off with the fairies


Jennifer Morrison shows off how pulled out pieces of hair, which gently frame the face, can soften an up style that’s entirely braided, creating a total look that’s feminine and somewhat magical.

6. Front line


Whether it’s shifting the braid to the front of the head or the radical asymmetry of the style, this multi-layered braid is anything but conventional and is sure to make your client feel special.

7. Mohawk braid


Hailey Baldwin was the epitome of cool at a Topshop event with this Mohawk-esque braid, which should have clients keen to emulate.

8. Ladder to heaven

Pull Back Ladder

Hair by Sam Villa

This pull back ladder braid presents layers upon layers in a deceivingly simple style that could become a staple.

9. Aloha


A double braid is such a simple style that can come across so effectively. Rachel McAdams finished the look with hot pink flowers and her effervescent mega-star glow, which would be right at home on the Hawaiian sands.

10. Beautiful mess


Hair by Sharon Blain from

This editorial style utilises intricate layers, plenty of volume and a messy finish to pack a punch. Paired with smoky eyes and a metallic lip, this total look is made for the camera.

11. Hide and seek


Hiding myriads of braids in an up style is a great way to show off your attention to detail. This look proves that modern braiding techniques can be made classic.

12. Top Bun


This clever braid adds a unique twist to a traditional top knot, becoming an interesting addition to one of today’s most beloved every-day styles. Your client will thank you.

Whether it’s for editorial, bridal, formal or every-day wear, a little braid goes a long way, and the possibilities are endless.

Which one of these styles are you aching to try?

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