The 2018 Met Gala is upon us and with it the annual array of appropriately OTT outfits, bold beauty looks and inspirational Avant Garde hair. A lot went down on the Met stairs this year – as an example, rapper 2 Chainz proposed and Rihanna dressed like a sexy Pope, and this year’s theme of Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination was interpreted with unique fashion, dazzling makeup and regal, opulent hair pieces as far as the eye could see.

We’ve looked past all that to what matters – the hair looks, and seen beyond crowns, tiaras, jewels and more to find the hair looks that caught our eyes in particular. Beyond the accessories, outfits and makeup touches that paraded the Met stairs, we’re focusing on the interesting hair textures, colours and styles from this year’s gala. Take a look and pick your favourites.

1. Zendaya

We’re bowing down to this very Joan of Arc look Zendaya brought to the stairs. Take fiery red hair in this cute bob with a wet texture and a fringe and pair it with her knight in shining armour look and this was a historically-inspired stand out.

2. Shailene Woodley

Speaking of Joan of Arc, Shailene was practically militant with this austere look. She took her hair darker and sectioned it, with a strong fringe and ponytail. Military chic is apparently in.

3. Hailey Baldwin

On the other side of the coin, Hailey looked like an actual Disney princess with her sweeping gown and floral hair piece – the pink hair gave it that extra point of difference we love to see in Hollywood.

4. Cardi B

We looked beyond the regal hair piece (of which there were dozens at the Met Gala, each magnificent in their own way) and picked this look for the wild texture you don’t usually see on red carpets. Pair the two together and it was a tick from us.

5. Kerry Washington

Speaking of texture goals, look no further than Kerry Washington.

6. Ruby Rose

Our own Ruby Rose tried on a whole new hair colour for the Met Gala. This is super wearable, and something we’re sure your clients will be aching to steal.

7 and 8. Cara Delevingne and Adwoa Aboah

Look behind the veil (if you can) and Carla was rocking touches of pink to this year’s event, while Adwoa’s bright green buzz cut also caught our attention.

9. Cynthia Erivo

In a similar vein, Cynthia’s colour, shape and texture was a joy to see on the Met stairs – bring your own bedazzled brows.

10. Jasmine Saunders

Classic braids are that much better when worn with roses, and this is something you can totally recreate in salon.

11. Jourdan Dunn

This elegant outfit is made all the better with Jourdan’s unique dreadlocks on this year’s red carpet.

12. Sasha Lane  

The Met Gala is all about going a little out there, and we commend Sasha’s jewel-encrusted, gravity-defying hair structure for that very reason.

Which look is your favourite?