Sometimes all you can do is laugh or cry… and today we choose laughter. There are an abundance of memes being shared around the internet to make some light of the nightmare that is 2020 and hairdressing and hair in general are a big part of that.

Whether it’s begging your clients to resist the urge to do (read: ruin) their own hair or the elevated respect hairdressers have now been given with clients realising how necessary the industry is (finally!), here are some more humourous takes on our current situation.

Get to sharing!

1. Clients. Put. The. Scissors. Down.

2. We need to be hand delivering these books to clients.

3. Otherwise… they may be extending their own lockdown.

4. The shame.

5. It could lead to a very traumatised generation.

6. For clients that aren’t venturing to salons, times are about to get tough.

7. Some clients are resorting to drastic measures.

8. A running theme has been the global realisation of just needed hairdressers are (as if we didn’t know that already).

9. Essential.

10. Never forget.

11. So many cuts and colours going undone.

12. Keep homebound hairdressers in your thoughts.

At this point, memes are life.