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12 Incidental Perks of Being A Hairdresser

Being a hairdresser is unlike any other profession, and with it’s challenges there are also considerable incidental perks you pick up along the way. Mondays off, unintentional arm days and proximity to wine are always important factors of the profession, while the chance to make friends with your colleagues and clients and the occasional gift can’t hurt either.

Here we count down 12 of our favourite incidental bonuses of being a hairdresser – what would you add?

1. Laundry day is decidedly simpler.

2. And you can skip arm day at the gym thanks to those hairdryers being in your hands all day.

3. When you knock off on a Thursday night (or a Saturday, or a Tuesday…) you don’t have to travel very far for a glass of wine.

4. You may be one of the only industries that doesn’t hate Monday.

5. Socialising is easier when you can bond with your clients.

6. And sometimes they even give you the occasional gift!

7. You’re seen as a source of help and advice (in fact maybe even too much).

8. You have a cheap and unorthodox way of having manicures.

9. Not to mention that your best friends are your colleagues in salon, which is maybe the biggest perk of all.

10. By being everyone’s would-be therapist, you’re never short on gossip.

11. And with clients coming in with bizarre queries and requests, you’ll also never short on a funny anecdote.

12. Plus you picked an industry that loves an event, loves that free-flowing champagne and loves to party.

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Which hairdressing perks do you love?

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