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12 Reasons Hairdressers Roll Their Eyes Daily

As a hairdresser working with clients in the salon most days, you’ll know the most difficult part of being in the industry. No, it’s not being on your feet all day, struggling through busy season, missing meals or finding hair in way too many places after you get home – it’s suppressing the many eye rolls you feel approaching on any given salon day. Don’t get us wrong, we know you love the salon life, but there are a fair few situations that will have you pushed to your limits, from cancellations, to impossible clients requests and more.

We’re paying tribute to the many reasons you probably rolled your eyes (or managed not to, well done!) today. It’s all about that salon solidarity.

1. When a client demands salon quality hair at home – but won’t buy your recommended retail products.

Don’t get us started if they’re purchasing their stash from a pharmacy.

2. And those (probably same) clients who want the best service and results but complain about price.

3. Having clients treat you like a best friend/therapist and then ditching you for a discount. 


4. Having the busiest day ever and then a cancellation that leaves you with nothing to do for an hour.

Timing is everything.

5. When a client who cancels gets angry if there is no time to re-book.

6. And when a client who’s late is annoyed they then have to wait.

7. And the worst… clients who tell you how to do your job.

Who’s the expert here?

8. Requests to look natural… and also exactly like Kim Kardashian.


9. And requests for a bold colour change within a lunch time appointment. 

Image result for won't happen gif

10. When clients do (read: ruin) their own hair at home, then need you to fix it.

Extra points if they lie about having done their hair themselves.

11. When a client wants their split ends cut off, but refuses to lose length.

12. Or when they want a massive change!… Without actually being willing to change anything.

Why have you rolled your eyes in the salon today?

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