When you’re in the salon you’re making 1000 little decisions every day and sometimes – let’s face it – you make the wrong one. Whether your feet are aching because you decided you just had to wear your new shoes to work, or you foolishly made plans to go out after a long salon shift, we understand, the regret is real.

Here are 12 things you’ve definitely regretted doing, saying or agreeing to in your hairdressing life.

1. Going out the night before a long shift.

2. Or worse – agreeing to go out right after a long shift.

Bed or bust.

3. Wearing new shoes – especially heels – for a full day of standing.

Never again.

4. Agreeing to remove colour from a client’s hair.

5. Squeezing in that extra client and then being busier than you ever imagined.

6. Forgoing training or education and then immediately having a client request that service.

7. Missing the limited edition product or tool you had your eye on.

7. Skipping breakfast/lunch because you had no time to eat.

8. Or worse, not having that third cup of coffee to save time.

9. Cutting your own fringe.

10. Agreeing to do hair for family or friends.

11. Not wearing gloves.

12. Staying five minutes later in the salon and then inevitably being given 100 more things to do.

How many salon regrets do you have?