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12 Salon Experiences That Are Too Real During The Holiday Season

If you can’t tell by all the general merriment and festivity in the air, it’s officially the holiday season. Forget family reunions and friendly get-together’s, celebrating the holidays in the salon is a more unique experience than most people will ever know.

Of course, you’re all too familiar with that, from the perks (salon champagne and cake – yes please) to the downsides (Christmas music all day is maybe the only sound less preferable to an army of blow-dryers), and you’re about to experience it all again. We thought we’d remind you about 12 salon experiences you’re bound to run into over the next few weeks.

1. After a whole year of wearing nothing but black, Christmas is the one time you can inject a little colour (read, red and green) into your salon wardrobe.

Red lipsticks at the ready.

2. And you may be temped to go full Nicki Minaj and colour your hair into the festive spirit too.

3. With all the retail options and gift packs available, you basically become like Santa to your clients.

4. And you find you spend more time than usual listening to them complain about family drama.

5. You’re also well aware you have to make them look extra special for the estranged family members they never see.

6. When you offer your clients the requisite holiday champagne, we know you’ll be sneaking some yourself.

7. And do not get us started on the Christmas cake samples you can’t resist.

8. You learn to love and appreciate the salon Christmas tree and decorations, knowing you don’t spend nearly enough time at home to appreciate those festive elements.

9. But the Christmas music (underneath the sound of blow-drying) all day, seriously needs to end.

10. You’re painfully aware that as the year winds down for so many others, your busiest period is just ramping up.

Image result for eye roll gif

11. So of course you never have enough time to shop for gifts, and all your loved ones will be receiving hair products.

12. But at the end of the day, you’ll spend most of the holidays with your salon family… 

Happy holidays!

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