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12 Things All Hairdressers Do When They Get To The Salon

We’ve previously looked at the things you do when you gratefully make your way home after a long salon day, now we’re flipping the coin, examining the many things hairdressers do upon entering the salon.

Inhaling your coffee, soaking in your last sweet moments on Facebook and really just mentally (and sometimes psychically) preparing yourself for what’s sure to be a long salon day – that transition time from freedom to salon life is an experience unique to our industry, rife with stellar moments like seeing your salon co-workers, and not-so-great moments like farewell-ing your phone (sad face emoji).

Which of these salon-arrival rituals do you (and your fellow hairdressers) do?

1. Inhale your first cup of coffee.

Surely the first of many for the day.

2. While sadly registering that it will be your most fulfilling meal for the next few hours.3. Furiously treasure the last few moments you have with your phone.

4. And say goodbye to anyone you’re talking to on Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat or otherwise.

For the rest of the day, you’ll be swapping selfies for the salon.

5. Prepare yourself for a full day of standing, walking and blow dryer arm workouts.

If salon stretching isn’t a thing – it should be.

6. Greet your fellow coworkers (otherwise known as the highlight of your morning).

7. And rev up that client-ready smile ready.

8. Knowing that the longer the day goes on, the likelier it is that that smile will take a turn…

9. Look at your schedule and ready yourself for a full day of cutting hair and making clients happy. 

10. Mentally prepare yourself…

11. And… GO!

12. Your day of hairdressing awaits!

What’s your favourite (and least favourite) part about arriving at the salon?

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