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12 Things Every Hairdresser Experienced in 2017

It’s been a long year that’s finally coming to a close, so we’re looking back at what it was like to be a hairdresser in 2017.

Some things were specific to the last 12 months (short hair is having something of a renaissance) and some things are eternal (the parties and team unity are forever), so let’s remember the best hairdressing in 2017 had to offer. What were your favourite moments of 2017?

1. In 2017, you experienced the glitz and glamour of many awards nights.

2. And the requisite partying that came after these events (AKA the best part).

3. You also spent way too many days in the salon, struggling through after a big weekend (probably with a hangover), as best showcased by this adorable GIF.

4. Short hair was a major thing, so you found yourself chopping off more of your clients’ hair than usual.

5. And celebrities continued to experiment with colour, leading your clients to follow suit.

6. Honestly, after keeping up with so many celebrity and Instagram trends this year, you kind of feel like this right now…

7. But 2017 was also a chance for you to learn new skills and build your craft.

8. So whenever you could, you found the opportunity to push yourselves creatively and experiment.

9. Sustainability continued to take over the salon industry with more necessary and important initiatives.

10. New products, tools and innovations were a blessing to your tool kit but a burden for your wallet.

11. And all the events, experiences and long salons days just meant more bonding for you and your awesome team.

12. It’s December, so right now you kind of feel like this – but the opportunities of 2018 and a whole new year are just around the corner!

Bring on 2018!

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