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12 Unique Ways Hairdressers View The World

It’s hard to just leave your hairdressing hat at the salon door – it’s probable that being a hairdressers becomes a large part of your overall identity, and tends to impact your world view, both in the salon and out of it.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in loving Mondays, hating unnecessary conversation and judging all the hair around you 24/7. We’re here to list some of the major and unique ways hairdressers view the world – do you agree?

1. You’re judging the hair of everyone around you pretty much all the time.

2. And with that, obviously, day dreaming of ways you could make their hair look so much better.

3. You have an impeccable memory for every hair look everyone you know has ever had.

Your second cousin’s wedding hair in the 80s? You can talk about it for days.

4. You view meal times as suggestions rather than a strict regime.

Lunch is more an ideal than it is an activity on a busy salon day.

5. You view things others take for granted as a rare treat – say, sitting down, for example.

6. And where those who sit at a desk all day may come home and crave conversation, you’re partial to after-hours silence.

7. As a creative mind, you’re attuned to the art and colour in the world.

8. And in an industry that fosters growth and education, you’re always seeing opportunities to learn more.

9. You know that you can merge your professional life with your life’s passions.

You truly care about your clients and your craft, making hairdressing so much more than just a job.

10. Your view of the work week is forever shifted.

Love Mondays and hate Friday night? What is this sorcery?!

11. You know more about your clients than most people know about, well… anyone.

12. And you view your salon colleagues as more like a salon family.

What other unique ways do you view the world?

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