Like most things in 2016, hair inspiration largely lived on social media, with talented hairdressers, innovative salon groups and trend-setting publications pushing boundaries and clogging up your newsfeeds with premium content. We’ve rounded up some of the very best Instagram had to offer when it came to editorial and conceptual hair inspo.

Let us know which of these 13 Instagram hair moments stood out to you, and – if you haven’t already – add your voice to the Instagram hair community in 2017.

1. INSTYLE teamed up with Goldwell and their Color Zoom winners to create next-level editorial hair for INSTYLE November December. And – because this is the 21st century after all, that work quickly made its way online, becoming a highlight of our @instylehairmag Instagram profile.


2. Frank Apostolopoulos’ genius editorial creations are just that much better when designed onto a birthday cake…


3. The runway king – Eugene Souleiman – himself also showed how powerful his work is on screen, for example with this unique image.


4. Aspirational colour paired with a trendy, salon relevant cut is always a promising addition to your feed – this time thanks to Servilles Hair.


5. British Hairdresser of the Year Angelo Seminara elevated your Instagram feed with a clipper and deep, interesting divides.


6. Damien Rinaldo gave a snapshot of being behind the scenes for INSTYLE September October, showcasing a new perspective on this alluring hair look.


7. We teamed up with Haircare Australia to pay tribute to David Bowie for INSTYLE May June, sharing this hero shot on Instagram.


8. THE FACTORY COLAB championed cool, androgynous cuts in their collaboration with Prema, both on their online platform and for their social media fans.


9. Frank’s Instagram account proved as star-studded as ever (and, clearly, a must-follow).


10. Cool, commercial looks on your Instagram feed are bound to provide instant salon motivation – take this cute, dual-braided hair look from Servilles Hair.


11. THE FACTORY COLAB harked back to Hair Expo and this ingenious hair weaving creation from Valonz.


12. Instagram takes you practically backstage, particularly with this creative look from Boris, The Cuttery.

13. Close up on obscure runway style – social media is clearly the new go-to for inspo of every kind.

9What was your favourite social media hair post of 2016?