We meet a lot of colourful people working in a hair salon (or at least they become colourful once we’re done with them).

We all have the clients who come in with the tabloids as inspiration, and the clients who have no idea what they want. The clients who are indecisive and the clients who are too set in their ways. The parents, the patients, the relatives and friends – it’s our job to manage them all and send them off with a killer haircut or colour to boot.

Which of these 14 clients can you recall from the proverbial rolodex?

1. The Pinterest-obsessed client


These are the clients that find their creative inspo online. Some styles are realistic, others… not so much.

2. The celebrity wannabe

giphy (2)

This client is a Kardashian in the making – always opting for the changing, drastic and often impossible (sans excess amount of time, money and photoshop) hair looks of their A-list idols. Which brings us to…

3. The unrealistic client


Just because Kim seemingly went from black to blonde in a day, doesn’t mean you can.

4. The vague client


When we ask how you want your hair cut, “shorter” shouldn’t be the answer.

5. The know-it-all


It doesn’t matter how many years we’ve studied our craft, this client somehow thinks they know more.

6. The indecisive client

giphy (1)

Changing your mind isn’t so easy when we’ve already taken ten centimetres off your hair.

7. The too-decisive client


This client has a fixed idea of the look they want and won’t leave the salon without their cut or colour of choice – no matter how much we tell them it’s the wrong fit.

8. The client with weird basin etiquette


Just close your eyes and relax – no moaning necessary.

9. The parent


This client comes in with kids in tow and for a few not-so-glorious hours your role changes from hairdresser to hairdresser/babysitter. Put it on your resume.

10. The patient


At this point you have to wonder if they’re still around for your cutting skills or your top-notch advice.

11. The relative/friend


We love them so much more when they’re not asking for a last-minute hair-fix on our day off. Can’t we just get a coffee instead?

12. The rogue client


Whether they’re cutting their fringe, trimming their ends or attempting an at-home colour, these clients are often a fine example that hair is best left to the professionals.

13. The liar


When the ‘rogue clients’ don’t own up to it… But we know. We always know.

14. The confusing client


They may have a vision for what they want – they just have a hard time getting that across.

It’s an eclectic bunch but, hey, we have to thank them for sharpening our people skills.