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14 Things Every Hairdresser is Experiencing This Winter

We know we complained about sending your clients off to parties and watching beach weather from inside the salon on a Saturday during Summer, but honestly we would appreciate the warmer weather right now. Depending on where you are in Australia and what week it is, it switches between pleasant and down right cold. The colder climate, the wind and the rain means trouble for your clients’ freshly styled hair, while sick germs are passed around the salon in a never-ending cycle and coffee has literally never been more valuable.

These are the salon-specific highs and lows you’re experiencing this winter.

1. Dragging yourself out of bed is more difficult than usual.

2. And getting home at the end of the day is better than ever.

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3. You tend to show up to the salon in too many layers you then have to peel off.

4. You’re bound to create an amazing hair look for your client only for it to be immediately destroyed by the rain.

5. And don’t even get us started on the wind – which will ruin any hair look in an instant.


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6. Germs are passed around the salon in cyclical fashion, meaning everyone gets sick at one point or another.

Stay. Away.

7. And your coffee addiction is worse than ever.

 season 6 episode 18 barney gumble 6x18 GIF

8. You pretty much say goodbye to cutting hair as clients usually opt to keep hair longer in the colder months.

9. But you (and your clients) often find a bold colour change makes winter really come alive.

Flex those creative muscles.

10. You cherish those few moments at the basin, where the warm water on your hands is as much a treat for you as it is for the clients.

11. You’re pretty grateful you work inside and out of the weather.

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12. Which is why any time anyone opens the salon doors it’s a tactical mission to let in as little cold air as possible. 

13. You’re finally kind of happy you’re always on your feet and running around.

It keeps you that much warmer.

14. But no matter how good you have it, you’re still counting down the days until summer.

Stay warm, hairdressers!

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