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14 Ways Every Hairdresser Reacts When a Client Cuts or Colours Their Own Hair

It’s inevitable – a betrayal greater than any relationship breakdown, a decision so stupid you can’t help but gloat when it all goes pear-shaped (or you stay professional and don’t gloat, but nobody’s perfect). Yes, an otherwise loyal client taking the plunge and cutting, colouring or just straight up ruining their own hair is a rite of passage almost every hairdresser has gone through.

We’re chronicling that very tale of woe – from the heartbreak, to the anger to that all-important ‘told you so’ moment. How have you reacted when your clients have attempted to cut or colour their own hair?

1. First off, you’re bound to play detective, as your client may try (and fail) to hide it from you.

Spoiler alert: they’re not fooling anyone.

2. Then, much like a saddened parent, your emotion will mainly be disappointment.

Image result for disappointed gif

3. I mean don’t your clients realise how much salon-professional hair is worth?

4. Maybe you reach levels of anger so high, it even has its own term.

Even though our Australian vernacular is different, a term this great crosses international borders.

5. Because you’re a kind soul, and if the cut or colour is particularly bad, you probably have an element of pity.

6. So of course you will help.

Obviously, for a price.

7. And they’ll probably end up loving you like some sort of hairdressing fairy godmother.

Fixing this kind of mistake can seem like actual magic.

8. Maybe, just maybe, you will (subtly) gloat about being right.

Especially true if you have a friendly relationship with your client – even though they just wouldn’t listen to you.

9. Four little words might come to mind…

10. Or you’ll be super professional and internalise those thoughts.

11. Either way you’ll end up feeling happy now that your clients need you more than ever.

Peak-level necessity activated.

12. But you’ll still remember the highest sting of client-hairdresser betrayal.

13. And your clients probably won’t soon forget how much they require your salon-level skills.

14. Ultimately, the episode proves one of our favourite life lessons.

Have you ever experienced an at-home hairdressing betrayal?

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