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15 Things Every Hairdresser Appreciates About Their Day Off

As much as you love being in the salon, after a busy week of doing hair, Sunday usually can’t come soon enough. Hairless underwear, time to devote to the important things like sleeping, eating and Instagram, and the simple pleasures of sitting down are just some of the many positives that come with a day off.

United by a special bond as the Mondays Appreciation Club, there are certain things only hairdressers truly understand about those distinct days away from the salon. Which of these 15 things can you relate to?

1. You will avoid doing hair at any cost.


No roots are too dark for a Sunday.

2. And yes, this sometimes means avoiding certain family members.


Something about this scenario seems slightly suspicious…

3. In fact hair as a concept just doesn’t exist to you.


4. Your outfit choices are limited.


5. But your underwear prospects are much, much better.


6. Your driving habits improve.


7. Your eating habits normalise.


8. You even give your ‘salon day glass’ a 24 hour reprieve.


Yes, these actually exist.

9. Sleeping becomes your favourite activity.

giphy (2)

10. And you finally have the energy to have a night on the town.


10. Plus, you get to pay a visit to your own house!


You’ve started referring to it as your ‘holiday home’.

11. Sitting down is no longer just for bathroom breaks.


12. And you’ve been given the gift of time…


No phone restrictions exist for two glorious days.

13. You’re almost coming around to the fact that it’s not a conventional weekend.


Who loves Mondays more than you?

14. You might not always put the most effort in to your own appearance.



And who can blame you?

15. But really… your hairdressing instincts never leave you, no matter what day of the week it is.


So enjoy that precious day off hair stylists – you deserve it!           giphy (1)

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