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15 Wins Hairdressers Experience All The Time

We’ve written about the fair share of problems hairdressers encounter – and while we’ve had our fun making light of the trials and tribulations hairdressers face trying to talk over noisy blow-dryers or dealing with too-specific and not-specific-enough clients, it’s also important to look at the other side of the coin.

Because from making our clients happy, to proving them wrong, and generally just pursuing our passion as a career, there are a lot of pros to this industry. Here are 15 wins hairdressers experience all the time.

1. Feeling like you belong to the cool kids club that is the hairdressing industry.


A club that is always at the forefront of global trends is pretty epic by our standards.

2. And knowing that that makes you stand out a little.


You wouldn’t have it any other way.

3. Finding those last few bobby pins after you were certain they had all disappeared.


But seriously – where do they come from?

4. That well deserved collapse when you get home after a long day in the salon.


5. Nailing a retail sale (and upselling while you’re at it).


It’s like the hairdressing equivalent of scoring a touchdown.

6. And mastering the art of multitasking.


You’re saving a fortune on gym memberships.

7. Snapping the perfect shot – on a shoot or in salon.

giphy (1)

We’re so thankful you can immortalise your creations on Instagram.

8. Receiving what should be a $350 full head of foils – complimentary.


And therefore having the financial freedom to change your colour as much as you like.

9. Two words: the events.

giphy (2)

Between Hair Expo, various award shows, education nights and other celebrations – what other industry parties like we do?

10. Seeing the look on your client’s face after you’ve just transformed them.

giphy (3)

11. But no smile will ever compare to the validation of proving them wrong.


“I don’t want to say ‘I told you so’, but…”

12. Feeling like the centre of town gossip because you know everything about your clients.


But you’ll never tell (and that just gives you more power).

13. Really, it’s the little victories.


14. But more than that it’s good to know you’re doing your bit to help the world.


15. And pursuing your passion while you’re at it.


What hairdressing wins have you experienced today?

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