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16 Things Every Hairdresser Experienced Over The Holiday Season

Ah, the Christmas-New Year period – a time to relax, spend time with loved ones, maybe go on vacation and take stock of the year gone by… that is unless you work in a hair salon, which usually has its busiest time of year come December. When you have a revolving door of clients there’s next to no time to relax, loved ones come second to the salon, vacations are a distant daydream and reflecting on your last 12 months is a luxury you just can’t afford.

So while everyone was at the beach, you were behind the chair, and while there isn’t much by way of consolation, we can offer our condolences and utmost appreciation on behalf of clients everywhere.

Here are 16 things all hairdressers experienced whilst busy in the salon last month.

1. The beach was so close, but so, so far.    


You couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit trapped in the salon.

2. So you understandably suffered from a serious case of FOMO.

giphy (1)

3. And spent about two-thirds of the month daydreaming.


You pretty much went on vacation in your own mind.

4. Facebook was a no-go zone.


There were way too many updates of people having fun. Lucky you were too busy to check your phone (I guess?).

5. Family time had to be scheduled.

giphy (2)

Nobody gets left behind until you’re stuck at work and everyone else is on a family outing.

6. And you had to remind a fair few family members that them coming into the salon so you could style their hair for free does not count as quality family moments.


7. Your clients were more on edge than usual.


What do they think is going to happen when they try to book their appointment the day before during the holidays?

8. However, they were also particularly grateful.


Because Christmas photos – and the hair you have in them – are forever.

9. And for the unlucky stylists who had their salon open on, the erstwhile universal public holiday, Boxing Day, well…


10. You had no time/drive to do your own hair come New Year’s Eve, having styled what felt like every person in the tri-city area’s New Year’s style that day.


Your resolution was to try harder next New Year’s Eve.

11. And your friends didn’t understand your New Year’s lethargy in the early hours of January 1st.


“I worked for 14 hours today, did you?!”

12. Good weather was the bane of your existence.

If you had to be cooped up in the salon, couldn’t everyone else be cooped up inside as well?

13. But you appreciated that rare day off more than anyone else could ever know.


14. You started to resent all your non-stylist friends.

giphy (4)

I mean it’s not their fault they had free time, but can you help but blame them?

15. You knew that you were truly doing your part for humankind while everyone else was at the beach.

giphy (5)

Bad hair on Christmas and New Year’s is a crime you helped prevent. You truly are a modern day hero.

16. Suffice to say, you seriously need a holiday from the holiday season.

giphy (3)

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