Kobi Bokshish took to the Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFAS) stage twice on Sunday night, the first for receiving the innovative Hair Fashion Video Award, and the second time as the winner of Artistic Team of the Year with his Intershape team, for the below collection. The images pictured show off Kobi’s own creation (titled Enigma and nominated for the award of Australian Hairdresser of the Year) and the images created by the full team (titled Enigma Reload, and the recipient of the aforementioned Artistic Team honour).

Kobi revealed on stage that the award he had most wanted to win was that of Artistic Team – proudly standing with his whole team on stage in front of the 900-person strong crowd and lauding the importance of team unity and collaboration.

The moody images, all shot in black and white, reveal a haunting aesthetic punctuated by black, textured lips and complex hair techniques. Hair painting, prints and tattoos, undercuts and sectioning, contrasting lengths and layers, a  mix of textures, Avant Garde hair pieces and looks centred around the shape of the shaved head give the collection its original identity. Kobi and his team showed off some of these techniques (dark lips included) on stage last month at Hair Expo POP UP, describing elements of the aesthetic as ‘car crash chic’.

See all the images below.


Collection Name: Enigma/Enigma Reload
Hairdressers: Kobi Bokshish and the Intershape Artistic Team
Salon: Intershape Hairstylists 
Photographer: David Mannah
Make Up Artist: Chereine Waddell
Stylist: Phoebe Clare Mckay & Demetra Kakopieros
Video: Jarred Stedman

For more information visit intershape.com.au