The Northern Hemisphere is caught up in autumn winter while we’re heading into the summer season here in Australia, but wherever you are in the world some key hair colour trends are emerging.

Born from celebrity culture, the runway or the salon itself, Sam Ashcroft from Brooks & Brooks has taken from some highlight hair moments of the year and shared his vision to deliver three key trends from across the pond.

Learn them, love them and offer them to your clients.

1. Mushroom Blonde

“Mushroom Blonde a dimensional blonde with more earthy hues. It falls right in between dark brown and light blonde, working on the cooler side of the spectrum,” Sam explained. “It’s a great shade for people who are already blonde wanting to experiment with darker tones and people who are brunette wanting to add lightness. It’s low maintenance which makes it perfect for clients wanting to stretch out a little bit of extra time in between their colour appointments, whilst still making them look great on their zoom meetings”.

Sam’s partial to the smoked mushroom blonde, which deviates from the traditional (and always trendy) bronde look in its darker, cooler style, whereas bronde itself is usually warmer and more golden.

2. High-Vis Red and Coppers 

A lacklustre year hasn’t dampened our spirits enough to shy away from vivid hues, and this bright red bright colour interpretation comes straight from the runway.

“The elegant red streaks seen on Alexander McQueen was an exciting moment for colour,” Sam said. “The bright tones used to complement the collection featured splashes of ‘Welsh red’. The hue was chosen to mimic the beautiful red houses in Wales. Golden ember tones and cayenne sunsets are a great colour comeback. It’s instantly glossy and shiny and a perfect statement for the new season. Your clients can keep their red or copper looking vibrant in between colour services using colour conditioners to add a tone boost.” 

3. Coloured roots

We’ve mentioned a look breaking both the red carpet and the internet thanks in large part to musical sensation Billie Ellish and, according to Sam, this look has legs in the salon.

“A lot of the colour on the catwalk had an emo edge to it, grunge and cool with pops of vivid colours. Dries van Noten and more notably, BIllie Elish, have been fronting this look. It’s a high maintenance trend with dark ends and bright neon roots creating the ultimate cool-girl statement,” he said. To get this look, pre-lighten the roots and then tone it with a brighten vivid pop.”

Colour trends truly wait for nothing, not even a pandemic. Make sure your salon is trending, as ever.