With Christmas now mere weeks away and holiday promotions an inescapable business endeavour for salons nation-wide, last-minute Christmas marketing tools could be vital to your salon’s seasonal success.

The team from acclaimed salon software company Shortcuts have utilised their business expertise to come up with three last-minute marketing strategies that should ensure your promotions flourish and boost your holiday revenue in the process.

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1. Choose the right promotion

At this time of year, your clients are inundated with specials- making standing out a challenge.

The trick is to show your clients how well you know them by offering tailored deals that will ‘solve’ a problem you know they’re facing. For example, you could offer a free mini-mani with any hair service, to help them get prepped for their Friday night function.

Another great idea is to offer spend-and-save discounts on gift cards – such as pay $150 and get a gift card to the value of $200. If your client can’t afford to indulge and spend it on themselves, you’ve given them the perfect gift for someone else (which equals a new client for you!).

2. Get your message out

Even the best promotions will fall flat if your clients don’t know about them. Use every channel you have at your disposal to spread the word about your special offer. This means not only email and SMS marketing – tools like Set & Forget Marketing from Shortcuts can help – but also your website, social media, and visual merchandising. The more times your clients are reminded of your offer, the better!

3. Motivate your staff

Your staff need to become your promotional cheerleaders – and you have to lead by example. As well as training your team on upselling strategies, you may also want to consider adding an element of friendly competition to motivate your team. The key is to track their progress, celebrate the wins and help them to keep their eyes on the prize.

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