We hate to inform you, but summer is over within the next couple of weeks, and the change of seasons, added to the pressure on skin from a summer hopefully spent out and about relaxing in the sun (with the appropriate sun care, of course), means some probable pitfalls for your skin.

We spoke to top-tier skincare brand DMK about how to soothe, aid and elevate your skin at this time of year, so you can be feeling your best into March and beyond.

1. Refresh

“Post break, the skin would likely need a refresh and investing in a good exfoliation and enzyme will do just the trick,” the brand explained. DMK’s Foamy Lift and Exoderma were pointed to as go-to’s as another method to give the skin’s system an internal flush.

2. Fight pigmentation

Post-summer, combatting pigmentation can be vital to help the skin, and DMK have just the antidotes. “Melanotech Drops and Super Bright should be used as a nightly home treatment. Melanotech Drops contain a punchy mix of ingredients including Hilidrys Siliquosa Extract, a form of Algae extract that can successfully down regulate skin pigmentation, and Super Bright offers a blend of skin brightening botanicals such as liquorice root, Bearberry and Mulberry,” the brand said.

3. Brighten

If you’re looking to retain that summer glow all year long, a combination of in-salon treatments and at-home products can do just the trick. “ In clinic Bihaku Treatments are a great way to brighten the skin. Blending skin illuminating Super Bright with a mix of hydroxy acids, to refine and brighten the skin, followed by DMK Signature Enzyme Therapy is an ideal formula,” the brand advised.

4. Solve Skin Concerns

As the seasons change, you may be experiencing heightened breakouts or inflammation. At this time or any time, DMK has a solution to these common skin concerns. “For breakouts, ACU Masque and ACU Klear are best. An in-clinic Hydradermaze treatment or Alkaline would also work,” the brand said. “For inflammation, Biogen C with Herb and Mineral Mist and EFAs is our recommendation and Eliminare treatment is also good.”

Ensure skin perfection all year long, and take glowing, sunny skin with you into the cooler months of 2021.

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