We’re five months into the year and seasons are changing – down here in Australia it’s getting a little too cold for our liking, while our friends in the Northern Hemisphere are fortunate enough to welcome in the summer. Hairdressers around the globe are greeting these seasonal changes with some enticing rainbow hair trends, ideal for the many clients that like to change their hair colours with their wardrobe.

We’ve scoured the internet for five current colour trends poised to be your and your clients’ new obsessions.

1. Pearl Hair

Super-shiny, pearlescent (hence the name), multidimensional and anchored by platinum shades, lustrous silvers and subtle, pastel hues, the pearl trend has been making the online waves for a while, but has been a dominating social media trend especially as of late. We know it’s a massive time commitment, necessitates meticulous skill on the colourist’s part and requires a whole lot of maintenance but also… so shiny.

2. Shine Line

A moving optical illusion housed in your clients’ hair looks, the Shine Line trend is in the process of going viral. The look is comprised of a defined, horizontal pattern of bright colours, with the roots and ends of the hair usually having the same (natural or colourful) hue, in order to draw attention to the clear, colourful detail in the middle. Why do we have the feeling you’ll want this look for yourself?

3. Citrus Hair

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「Sour Citrus」 『Flash back』 Charlottes hair having a heavy lime green pigment left over from her previous colour created a challenge from the start! After removing the previous colour and lightening up the regrowth we executed her chosen colours using custom shades of @manicpanicnyc Psychedelic Sunset + Electric Lava & Sunshine were all used with @Olaplex no1 added into each colour for added longevity. Rinsed in COLD water and finished it off with a crisp sharp bob. Heat styled with @dysonhair & @fhiheat Check out my website for a how to guide. Link in bio #btconeshot_unconventionalcolor17 #btconeshot_color17 #btconeshot_vibrant17 #btconeshot_colormelt17 #btconeshot_ombre17 #btconeshot_haircut17 #btconeshot_pastel17

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American colourists (and particularly their California ambassadors) are celebrating summer with a new, bright, fruity trend, that we think still fits in perfectly with Australia’s colder climate. The citrus hair trend takes inspiration from lines, lemons, oranges and grapefruit for a vibrant look that shouldn’t be constrained by seasons. Kylie Jenner’s neon yellow Coachella look comes to mind.

4. Confetti Hair

Last week we let you know about Blondies of Melbourne and their latest viral hair trend – the bright (but somehow subtle) look is definitely a major player online right now, bringing in winter with some warmth and brightness. We love when a local salon hits the global stage.

5. Charcoal Hair

Ok, this isn’t a rainbow hair trend, in fact it’s an anti-rainbow hair trend, made to counteract the influx of rainbow looks (see: the rest of this post) constantly dominating Instagram. A careful balance between blue, black and grey is the colour key, and the result is a smouldering, smokey hue ideal for winter and perfect for clients who don’t love rainbow hair, but still want to be on trend.

Which looks will be prevalent in your salon this season?