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5 Insights from Eugene Souleiman at Hair Expo

If you stopped in your tracks in the Hair Expo hallways, a little star struck that session styling genius Eugene Souleiman just walked past you, you weren’t alone. Eugene was attracting this fandom all over the event, but no more than in his dedicated creative Mizutani masterclass, with names such as Frank Apostolopoulos, Renya Xydis and Travis Balcke alongside him. Inspirational looks and pearls of wisdom drawn from an incomparable career in hairdressing pervaded the afternoon – and we have some of the best of these looks and quotes below.

Head over to The Factory to re-live a true glimpse into the full Eugene experience, and look out for coverage in INSTYLE July August that delves deeper into the session. Until then, here’s five quotes from Eugene himself that you can learn, repeat and share to your heart’s content.

1. On good and bad taste:

“Good taste is something you already know and have an opinion of. When it comes to something of bad taste, you have to think about it, it’s interesting,” Eugene said. “I start off with 60 – 70 per cent of an idea and then I make mistakes … and I tend to go with them, they lead me down a path which I’m happy to go down. Mistakes are meant to happen, don’t be scared of them.”

2. On the fluidity of fashion:

“Sometimes, something will present itself, and it’s just right. Fashion is about moments – when a moment presents itself you should never shut your eyes, it’s really great to just be open and let it happen,” said Eugene. “Things are never accidental, it’s just that we think they are. You need to know when to recognise that.”

3. On being humble:

“Every job I do, I think I’m going to get fired from, every job I do, I treat it as my last … I’m scared out of my wits.”

4. On his approach to hair:

“With hair, you’ve got to be really instinctive, it’s not a piece of paper or a laptop, it’s part of a person. A wig is like a piece of clothing; like an accessory.”

5. On working with designers:

“With session hair, you have to have an opinion and really listen – take on board the designer’s ideas – they’re clients, consider who they are and how you feel about them; their lifestyle, size, sense of style,” he said. “I’m not someone who flits around from designer to designer, it’s really important to me that I have respect for what they do.”

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