Recent survey result findings suggest that well over half of curly-haired girls don’t actually like their naturally curly locks and we’re putting the power in your capable hands to change that shocking statistic. Think of this as a public service announcement. It’s time for stylists to rally behind the cause – curls are cool!

To celebrate our love of curly hair we’ve gathered 5 of our favourite curly hair looks. From iconic celeb curls through the ages to curly haired members of our own local industry, we dare anyone to see these styles and say another bad word about curly hair again!

1. Solange Knowles


Musically influenced by elements of 70s motown, Solange’s image continues this vibe, with a retro afro look that takes advantage of her natural curls. The big hair and chic 70s-style jumpsuit she wore to her wedding last year was a unique take on the wedding day look that we can’t get enough of.

2. Paloma Rose Garcia

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This Oscar Oscar hairdresser is as well known for sporting flawless curls as she is for cutting them. While working her magic backstage at shoots, backstage on the runway or in the salon, we personally believe it’s her mastery of her own curls that gives her such an eye for creating them on her clients.

3. Robert Plant


With men’s long hair trends making a comeback, look no further than Led Zeppelin lead Robert Plant. These curls have become synonymous with rock and roll – what client wouldn’t want that?

4. Kylie O’Toole


Renowned as both a prominent celebrity makeup artist (her brushes have graced the face of Gemma Ward) and loving wife to one of our favourite industry photographers, Kylie is also an ambassador for the curl cause – or should be with locks this good.

5. Nicole Kidman in BMX Bandits

nicole kidman

Nicole circa the 80s is a champion of curly hair. Pre-straightening irons, these curls reigned supreme, and we believe they should make a come back.

What’s your favourite curly haired look?