As a stylist at Togninis Hair Salon, owner and educator at Pretty Vacant and educator and sales agent for Excellent Edges and the ANTI Collective, Nathan Yip is a true industry slashie. We spoke to him about his beginnings, his upcoming ventures and everything in between.

How would you describe your style aesthetic? Eclectic at best! My aesthetic and approach is always low maintenance, versatile and easy to style. Little product and heat is a specialty of mine. I love clean and precise lines but also love lots of texture. I love structure and breaking it up visually to look more modern.

What inspired you to become a hairstylist? I originally took a job on the front desk and managing a salon to make money to go back overseas. My direction changed completely when I met Clive Allwright, a gregarious enigma who taught me a deep love and passion for cutting hair, education and the industry. From there I never looked back!

Pick your poison? Craft beer, particularly sour ales – the weirder the better! You will quite often catch me at either Stone and Wood or Range Brewing tasting their new batch brews.

A song that will get you dancing without fail? Hey Ya! By Outkast.

What is your favourite cut and/or colour to create in the salon? I don’t really have a favourite haircut, but I am enjoying doing lots of 70s shags at the moment. My pleasure has always come from the person under the hair not necessarily the hair. I like problem solving, the bigger the problems the better!

A quote to live by? Get up, dress up, show up.  

Dream Car? Aston Martin DB9.

What hair products/tools are you loving right now? ANTI’s Finishing Cream and ghd Rise Volumising Hot Brush. 

What piece of clothing or accessory can you not live without? I have the biggest collection of socks; I think they are the ultimate accessory to any outfit!

What are you working on at the moment?  I have just launched my own education and sales agency; it encompasses all of the entrepreneurial endeavours that I am working on at the moment. Kind of an umbrella brand, a space for me to facilitate all my crazy ideas.

Customised in salon education is my passion, I also work as an agent for Excellent Edges and the ANTI collective. This gives me a unique and diverse perspective on the industry.

I have recently launched a project called The Bootleg Project with my mates Carl Reeves and Jake Putan. It is a collaborative group set on changing the way we interact, communicate and gather as a community. We want to break down the divide between barber and hairdresser and dispel concepts about gendered technique styling and pricing. Watch this space via @prettyvac_nt, @nathanyip and @bootleg.project.