Hairdressing is an inherently creative industry, and this artistry often expands beyond the salon onto the set (or if it doesn’t yet, it should). You should be utilising your hairdressing talents to master the editorial landscape, and once you’re there, getting published is a tantalising reward.

Hair Shots 2 The World has eight years of experience as a global PR business, sending your images to major international  and local publications in order to get them published. They can be the major facilitator in your quest to put your looks on front covers, and if you needed any more convincing, here’s a few reasons you have to give it a go!

1. It attracts opportunities

Putting your images in front of the eyes of many can only be a good thing – with product companies, photographers, agents and even prospective clients being drawn to your work. Use the images on social media, in your portfolio and as potential news stories to really capitalise on your success.

2. It will impress your clientele

If your clients needed a manner with which to refer you, this is it. Post your clippings on social media and it’s the ideal mode to share your success, and then showcase them as real life images on screens, tablets and artwork around the salon to ensure its front of mind. It will also ensure more loyalty with your existing clients, who will feel proud and impressed knowing they visit a hairdresser with editorial credits to their name.

3. It’s a savvy way to recruit

Spread your name amongst apprentices and even more experienced hairdressers, and attract other creative, ambitious hairdressers who are drawn to your talent and drive, and want to a workplace they can be proud of.

4. It helps in competitions

Showing you’re a successful, well-rounded hairdresser is paramount for major hair awards, and published work used as a savvy PR tool is evidence of both your creative talent and business acumen. Hair Shots 2 The World compiles updates and reports that can be used in this context.

5. It can be used to build salon culture

Shoots and the possibility of publication incentivise and energise salon team members to work hard and release their creativity. You can set up the incentives of editorial opportunities and dynamic editorial options for them in their careers in your salon, ensuring they tick other goals to earn these coveted opportunities.

Participating in editorial shoots and the thrill of publication can be a professional Launchpad, a social media point of difference, a business win or just a personal victory that reminds you why you became a hairdresser to begin with. Don’t ignore the opportunity to get your work published, and see how the editorial field catapults your career.

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