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5 Reasons Your Salon Should Go Mobile

We all know our phones and devices are now basically an extension of ourselves – the chances are you’re reading this on a mobile right now! The biggest benefit of this is the convenience it can afford you when it comes to your salon.

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With the right business technology, you can run your business from your pocket. Here are six reasons why this is essential – and tips on how to pull it off.

1. Be constantly in the know

With your bookings, schedules and other salon know-how in the palm of your hand, you’ll know exactly what’s happening in the salon, anytime, anywhere. Gone are the days of running to the salon to double check last minute bookings, now simply slide to unlock.

Timely offers access to your Bookings and Calendar from any mobile and tablet, as well as desktops and laptops, acting as your constant lifeline in knowing every detail of the salon schedule.

2. Keep your team up to date

Timely offers these channels on as many devices as you please, allowing all your employees to connect and stay in constant communication.

Now there’s no excuse for every stylist not to know what’s happening at all times, and with Timely emails that outline the daily schedule and texts informing them of new and changed bookings, this info is sent straight their screens.

3. Work On The Go

Feel free to go have that coffee, you won’t miss anything. While we’re there, take a trip, run an errand, even control the business from home – it’s one of the most enticing aspects of making your business a portable part of your life.

4. Offer this convenience to your clients

If your software is mobile, so too should be your booking services. It’s only fair your clients enjoy the same convenience, right?

Timely offer online bookings on your website, free Timely mini site or across your social media channels, and the irresistible ‘book now’ button works from mobile too. This means if your client is scrolling through Facebook or checking out the latest looks on your page and the impulse to go in for a cut and colour strikes them, a simple click can make it happen.

5. Save Time

Going mobile won’t just grow your online bookings, unify your team and make your day easier, it will also affect your most valuable commodity – time. The speed and efficiency with which you’ll be able to access your business details will cut minutes and hours from your day.

Your mobile can be used for far more than just texts, Instagram posts and the odd game of Candy Crush – it can be your most important business tool. Utilise the right technology to make your business portable and run your salon on the go.


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