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5 Signs Your Salon Needs A Bookkeeper

It’s really all in the title. Bookkeepers have mastery over the salon books, and as for hairdressers, well, hair is our domain. Of course some hairdressers and salon owners have been blessed with both skills (we hate you, by the way), but for the others who know their talents lie in precision cuts and not accounts, that’s fine too – it can all be managed with the help of a bookkeeper.


If the very notion of bookkeeping confuses you, then you’ve come to the right place, here are 5 signs you could benefit from hiring a bookkeeping service to keep the monetary aspect of your salon running smoothly while you focus on cut and colour.

1. You’re just too busy

We assume you’re busy, running your salon and making your clients very happy. However if this salon-running and happiness-bringing leaves you with no time to actually invoice your clients, pay the right taxes and level your books, then we have a problem. If you don’t make sure you’re being paid, you can lose out on your hard-earned cash, and if you don’t sort out your taxes, well, that’s also not ideal.

2. You’ve just hired another staff member

With any salon change, you’re bound to have a myriad of new taxes, payments and, therefore, paperwork, requiring more time to be spent with your head in the books. With no additional hours yet to be allotted to your 24-hour day, help may be necessary.

3. You’ve just moved salon spaces…

See above.

4. …Or won more business.

More business, more bookkeeping problems, are we right?

5. Accounts scare you

That’s ok, they scare us too. They look long, and boring, and they require actually opening the calculator apps on our phones. However, they also need to be super accurate and efficient, due to government obligations. Basically the stakes are high, and it’s essential to get it right.

If you’re looking to lean on an expert rather than taking all your salon bookkeeping on yourself, you can contact BeanKeepers, a group of dedicated accountants, qualified to balance the books for a vast range of small businesses like your own.

Shift all the number-crunching to those experts and focus on your expertise – hair. Or, if you’re one of the unicorns who specialises in both books and bobs, carry on (also, stop hogging all the talent).

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