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5 Tips For Retailing Electrical Tools

We all know retail is a major facet of the salon’s revenue, and something your salon needs to master in order to truly attain financial success, but this doesn’t just extend to the wet products, if you’re not retailing more expensive electrical tools, your salon is missing out. You know your clients will be buying these hair dryers, straighteners, and curling tools, why not purchase them from you?

If you’re lacking in this department, we have you covered, with five tips from the founder of EVY PROFESSIONAL, Tracey Bazzano Lauretta. Tracey outlines secrets you may not have previously considered to up your retail game when it comes to tools. You’re welcome!

1. Retail the brand you’re using in salon

It sounds simple and yet is still a disparity we just don’t understand – you should definitely be selling the retail brand you use in salon. Why? Well, your clients are watching you work, loving the results and wanting to recreate them themselves. While you can’t sell them your skills, you can market the tools, and if they’re loving the look and you’re not offering the tools, they’re likely to just source them elsewhere. As a hairdresser, you’re subconsciously selling and endorsing any tools you use, believe in your tools and put them up for sale!

2. Engage your clients with the tools

Simply using the tools with your clients isn’t enough, you should also be educating your clients about why you love the brand and technology. Strategically place the tool on the bench or ask them to hold it while you retrieve another product, allow them to touch or try the tools for themselves in order to start a dialogue.

3. Place the empty boxes on the shelf in an optimal position

Like everything else that you retail, your tools need to be beautifully displayed and in prime position. Don’t throw out the pristine boxes that your tools come in, strategically place them in front of the basins, the styling chair or by the counter so your clients are drawn to them and know they are available for purchase. If the boxes aren’t on the shelf, they may presume you don’t sell the tools, and you could lose a sale.

4. Choose premium, professional brands

Selecting the brand you utilise and market is key to the sale, and there are questions that need to be asked. Can your clients purchase it for cheaper online or directly through the company, for example? Is it professional and will it ensure great results and loyalty from your clients? These questions are vital in choosing the brand to sell to your clients.

5. Know the brand and it’s points of difference

Like most things in the salon industry, the key to selling electrical tools is knowledge, and this knowledge has to lie just beyond its technical qualities – you have to understand the things that really matter to the consumer. How do the tools make the hair look and feel? Keep it simple, the client wants to know how the tools work and the results they achieve in basic terms. Teach and practically show them the difference and they won’t want to walk away from the salon without the tool in their hands.

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