It’s October 2020, so you already know beyond the basics of how to make your clients both feel and be as COVID safe as possible in your salon.

Everything from social distancing measures, extreme hygiene and cleaning practices, staying home and asking your clients to as well when you or they feel sick and top-tier communication are all common practice in the craziness that has been this year, while extra measures like temperature checks upon arrival are also used by some businesses.

As Melbourne salons open back up, clients flock to them and different regulations around masks, distancing, teams and capacities abound across the country, these are the tools you could be using to fortify your salon, making your clients and staff feel that much safer and enhancing your protection.

Whether you’re just re-opening or in your eighth straight month of operating this way, make sure you have the go-to COVID shopping list.

1. Separators

Separation stands or barriers achieve multiple purposes at once, giving your clients more privacy, creating the necessary distance in salon and allowing more clients in certain spaces, say at the basin. You can find glass separators that are as invisible as possible, or redecorate your space to incorporate them and still be true to your brand. Discover some options here.

2. Sanitiser Stands

Sanitiser stands, also available at this link, make it that much easier for your clients and staff to be constantly sanitising and show your clients your commitment to your salon’s communal hygiene. You can have them at your salon entrance and at notable touch points throughout your space, harnessing the power of sanitiser – the undeniable 2020 must-have accessory.

3. Air purifiers

Businesses and classrooms around the world have turned to air purifiers as another mechanism to fight the virus, with sources such as The Washington Post advocating for their use. While they should never take the place of other hygiene practices and masks where necessary, cleaning the air during a pandemic of a virus that can hang in the air just makes sense and, again, will show your clients your commitment to their health and safety.

4. Masks

Victoria is mandated to wear masks but beyond that some people in other states are choosing to anyway and all over the country it’s always best to have one in your back pocket in case clients or employees feel more comfortable that way. If you want to stay creative, connected and on brand in your masks, check out our definitive guide to wearing them in salon.

5. Signage

Communication, as we’ve mentioned, is crucial, and this can be achieved on social media, online, in personal conversations and more. In salon keep these reminders about distancing, hygiene and other necessary practices front of mind with signage. Stick to the theme and look of your salon with signage that represents you, shows your clients all your many safety efforts and reminds them to stick to the regulations.

The salon go-to list looks a little different this year, but as all national salons come back to business for a busy season in the works, fortify your space to keep safe, protected and healthy in these strange times.