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6 Ways to Market Your Salon This Easter

Christmas isn’t the only holiday you can use to your marketing advantage – pretty much any holiday (I guess, except for the really sad ones) can be used for your salon’s financial gain (we hate to sound cynical, but it’s true). The upcoming Easter season is a great way to engage with your clients, entice them into your salon, simply get in touch and have some fun with it.

We’ve compiled a list of six marketing ideas to make the Easter break a financial win for your salon – choose one or all of them to invigorate your clientele this season, and please do it with an Easter egg in hand.

1. Create packages that bring people in-salon

Easter often means more family time, community events or social gatherings – meaning people want to look good. Give them the nudge into your salon with some Easter-specific deals, promotions and packages that they can utilise to feel their best throughout the April holiday season.

2. Use it as an excuse to get in touch

Season’s greetings! Use the holiday opportunity to get in touch with your clients, remind them that your salon is still there (and wishing them a happy holiday) ready and waiting with all those new holiday specials we just talked about.

3. Show off your salon personality on social media

Social media is another great way to show off what Easter-related promotions and activities you have going on – you can also use it to simply reach out to your followers to wish them well over the holidays, and show them what Easter fun you’re having in-salon. Which brings us to…

4. Decorate!

It doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) a fully-fledged interior design overhaul, but some Easter-themed decorations and the odd chocolate egg display could go a long way to making clients feel festive (and more spend-happy). If it works with your current vibe and aesthetic (you wouldn’t want to ruin your street cred) why not add some pre-Easter festivity to your décor?

5. Play ‘guess the number of Easter eggs in the jar’

A fun game to add some colour to the usual salon activities: every client gets a try, the winners wins a complimentary treatment – and the eggs! You can then use a picture of the winner receiving their prize as a unique social media moment.

6. Hide Easter eggs around the salon

Falling short of having an actual Easter egg hunt event in-salon (although as events go, we kind of love the idea), your salon could simply hide eggs around the salon throughout day-today appointments. Hiding chocolate by the basin, the mirrors and (especially) throughout the retail shelf is the simplest and most fun way we can think of to make your salon Easter-friendly. Be sure to document these festivities on your social media channels, and watch grown adults smile an almost undue amount at finding that hidden egg.

What will your salon be doing this Easter?

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