It’s a common query – how to ensure your clients are loving your products, buying what’s on offer and returning more often for both your services and stock. There are particular ways to get the most out of your product investment, and tricks of the trade to truly have your retail numbers soaring.

To master retail and the art of the sale, here are three tips and bylaws to always follow, courtesy of haircare, style and retail juggernaut Artègo Haircare.

Understand the client

Remember to follow your client needs – not your personal taste – and use this as a form of connection. Asking clients what concerns them about their hair and tailoring recommendations to their answer is pivotal, creating personalised, necessary care and finding it within your stocked range. On Artègo Haircare’s suggestion, for example, if they were to complain about a need for hydration, you could immediately suggest the brand’s Rain Dance Hydra Shampoo and Conditioner along with the Hydra Booster Masque. Knowing which products to expertly suggest is an important factor, which brings us to…

Know your product and what it does

Education is critical to every facet of the hair industry, and product sales are included in that. Know your products and all of their intricacies so that you can pass this education on to the client, which also means letting your clients know what products you’re using on them in salon and what products would complement and elevate these results best at home. For example, the brand’s Be Matt pomade for texture and hold, as worked with No Limits for root lift, as a daily styling option. Set out a style and care regimen for your clients, and continue to ask your brand account manager more about the products to stay consistently educated. Use your status and knowledge as an expert to advise and deliver products your clients truly need.

Have your best product visible 3 times during a client service

Fuse your all-important personal recommendations with the often underrated visibility factor. The more times a product is seen, the greater impression it gives to the client. As an example, the brand’s New Hair System Diamond Filler has become a salon hero product, so you could position it at the door, near the mirrors and on the counter, to put in their eye line as they enter, have their service and leave. Finding that go-to hero product and then emphasising it with great visibility, rather than spreading out different products and making the field too wide, can be a game changer.

In a year and time where retail is more prevalent than ever, stay educated, savvy and connected when it comes to your services and stock to master salon retail.

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