The salon back bar, which usually encases the basin area, can be more than just a home for products and, with the right approach, can be an aesthetic bonus and conversation starter for clients.

Sam Villa Ambassador and owner of Shear Art Salon in Florida, Blake Reed Evans, offered his own thoughts on how to maximise this space and even use it to elevate business and increase profits.

The first steps are in the display, merchandise use, cleanliness and presentation of the space.

“Make sure treatments and offerings are visual, brands like Kérastase and Redken offer beautiful back bar displays that create conversation and peak guests’ attention” Blake said. “Also keep the back bar in immaculate condition – face all the shampoo and conditioner bottles forward and make sure all product and shampoo bowls are clean and free of hair.” 

This aesthetic relevance is bolstered with communication to the clients about the versatility of your menu and how they can make use of these greater options.

“Offer customised services with optional add-ons at the shampoo bowl and communicate the offerings consistently across all platforms. Think, e-mail list, text blasts, social media, and most importantly, make sure the front desk team is constantly offering upgrades to guests when they are booking appointments,” Blake said.

This malleable menu must be anchored by two imperative things – the capacity of the salon’s inventory and how financially transparent it is to the client.

“It’s imperative to always have enough product on hand, while not having too much. The best way to keep track is to monitor how much is being used every week. The constant checking will keep inventory at the appropriate level for staff,” Blake said.

“In terms of pricing, the clearer the communication is with the guest on why the add on product or service will benefit them, the more receptive they will be to add it on.  Offer low, mid-tier and high price points – the lower and higher one exists to make the middle-tier look like the perfect splurge,” he added.

Every facet of the salon is essential and the back bar is no different – ensure it’s stocked and set up correctly to really bring the client in and really add to your business.