Zoom has become such a prevalent part of our daily lives they say the new generation will be called Zoomers. With long-term and snap lockdowns impacting most of Australia through the second half of 2021, Zoom continues to be ever-prevalent, and a little bit of care and creativity in your online approach to your salon teams can go a long way.

With salon teams across the country locked down and out of the salon, you can log on to give them some distraction, camaraderie and support through what feels like endless time spent apart.

Here are 5 ways you can use Zoom (or its similar contemporary platforms) to support your salon team during this time.

1. Continue Salon Meetings

Just because you’re not in salon doesn’t mean you shouldn’t catch up. Keep up the team unity and camaraderie by checking in to talk about any developments in external salon activities and day-to-day life so that no one feels like they’ve been kept apart or uninformed for too long.

2. Invest in Education

What better way to bond online than to be inspired together? Invest in online platforms, branded education or even host your own sessions to elevate the skills of your salon team in the time away and motivate them creatively during the layover. Ask your team what they’re interested in learning and take the rare surplus of time to add to their skills and knowledge base.

3. Do Activities Together

Team meetings can go beyond just chats, with so many team activities your team can do together. Things like team workouts and yoga, online board games, or even the capacity to be creative with activities like painting days, can give the team something to enjoy and look forward to together through more monotonous lockdown days.

4. Support Staff One On One

Supporting mental health has never been more paramount, so make sure you’re checking in, connecting and communicating in more individual and intimate sessions where your team can really feel comforted and heard.

5. Host Events

Beyond even activities, you can host Zoom events and make it feel a little special. Think themed nights where the team can get dressed up, Zoom happy hours and specialised activities like trivia nights.

In a difficult time it’s important to band together and invest that extra time and energy in supporting each other with conversations, inspiration and some ideas that may be a little out of the box. See you on Zoom!