Setting goals is the easy part. Turning them into reality is where you need consistency, patience and perseverance, writes Alyssa McCarley.

Your biggest resource for facing this challenge is your team. As a leader, you need your team to understand what success looks like. They also need to understand the role they play in reaching that success. To help you get started, we’ve created a list of ways to bring your team on that journey and help you achieve your goals

Share Your Goals

Bring them on board your journey to success by outlining your business goals clearly. Being part of a team fuels peoples intrinsic motivation, making them confident and keen to take on tasks you require them to complete as you work towards achieving your goals.

Create A Culture

Management consultant Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. This quote is popular because if a company’s culture is similar to the company’s values, then strategy becomes second nature to a team. Creating culture is more than putting quotes on a wall – it’s emphasising employee wellness, fostering social connections, accepting each other’s differences and focusing on positivity.

Foster Self-Management

Motivate your team in a way that encourages them to be responsible for themselves. If you make them feel valued as a group and at an individual level, they’re likely to have more confidence and take more pride in their work. Be sure to pay attention to what their strengths are and point them out when you notice them.

Encourage Creativity

Support creative problem-solving by encouraging out of the box ideas. You don’t have to follow through with new ideas, but create an environment that is open to the sharing of ideas, and sees problems not as reasons to complain, but as opportunities for improvement. You never know – an idea from a team member may get you closer to your goals.

Set Challenges

When you can see your team is making improvements, prevent them from getting bored by challenging them with new tasks. For example, if one of your employees is very confident with task management, give them a new responsibility or the opportunity to be second in command. Helping your team to upskill will benefit them, but also benefit your business. Some businesses worry that good, skilled staff will eventually leave them and take those skills elsewhere. However, staff are less likely to leave if you’re providing opportunities for growth.

 A stronger, more motivated team is a great resource when it comes to reaching your business goals. So be the best leader you can be and use these tips to take your team on your journey to what success looks like.

Alyssa McArley is the Marketing Manager at Kitomba Salon & Spa Software. To learn more about how Kitomba can help take care of the day to day management of your business and give you time to focus on being a leader, visit or call 1800 161 101.